Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Note on My Use of the Term "Magus"

SO, although I have not yet actually posted anything or written anything on this blog, it appears I have already upset someone. I had no doubt that this would happen, for as I have explained clearly in my bio, I am an asshole. I acknowledge this and I wear it, for it is what I am. It appears that the same bio has offended someone because I made use of the term "Magus" in reference to myself and that title and all of its prestige are reserved solely for those initiates who have attained to that grade in a formal order. Let me therefore explain MY use of them term, and how it will be used on this blog, if in fact I actually proceed with a blog, (which is to say if i cannot convince the Spirit who wishes me to do so to let me off the hook)

I am not a 9=2 or any other number=degree of any established order. Nor do I seek to be. These days grades, titles and initiations into such orders mean very little, after the promulgation of internet orders and astral initiations. Quite frankly, while there are many solid, respectable and honorable orders out there, there are far more who would gladly initiate a turnip if it could pay their dues and fees. This being the case, it is the achievements, the attainment and wisdom of a a Magus that we should respect, not whatever title he claims. That said, I do not feel obligated to abide by the grade structure OF any order. My use of the term "Magus" is not in any way intended to denote any particular level of Magickal attainment or prowess. It is used, quite simply, as a substitute for "Magician". Why, you ask, dear reader, do I need such a substitute? Well, I don't. But, to me at least, the term "Magician" brings to mind either of two people; The performers you'd hire to entertain at your children's birthday who pull rabbits from hats and hankies from their sleeves, or the jackasses like David Blaine who use the term Magician rather than the more fitting moniker "Illusionist". Since both of these two people inspire within me a, perhaps irrational, desire to summon an archdemon to deliver unto them that time honored instrument of Magickal vengeance known as the "Atomic Wedgie", I have chosen to distance myself from them by calling my profession that of a Magus. It is, therefore, Magus, that I will use when speaking of myself and other practitioners of the Arte.

Thus endeth the sermon.