Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturnian Magick Via Marduk

     This evening I will be undertaking a rite of introduction to Ninurta, son of Enlil and Ninlil, slayer of Anzu. In Babylonian Magick, Ninurta is the deity associated with Saturn, and during Thursday's work with the God Marduk, I was prompted to make his acquaintance. The rites used will be those described in Mardukite Magick, albeit modified according to the lore of Ninurta as opposed to Marduk's. 

     While I am unsure of why I should seek Ninurta, I am somewhat anxious since Saturnian Magick has proven to be of great use to me in the past when the goal was expansion of my Kingdom and elimination of boundaries, obstacles, etc... Never a dull moment, I say! 


Friday, October 28, 2011

One More Field Report For Mardukite Magick


I ordered your ebook Mardukite Magic on Oct. 16th. I had an interesting experience after I read this manuscript. I ordinarily wouldn't bother you with this, but your blog post of Oct. 23rd of 'Another Field Report' detailed experiences with your manuscript that closely matched mine so I thought I'd forward the following email I sent to a friend right after it happened on Oct 17th. The email is as follows:

"Just before dawn yesterday morning when I was still near a dream state but aware, I sensed a tall imposing figure near my bedside. I felt strongly that I was being regarded, not in a friendly or unfriendly way, but as one might examine something of interest. I had a sense of this figure being robed and bearded. I felt at the time that this was 'Marduk'. I fell into a dream state, and went into a story where my family was being threatened by a rattlesnake. This snake was hiding out under a bathroom sink in a cabinet. When I wakened, I scanned my house and sure enough there was something there. It seemed to have gotten through my house shields... This snake didn't have immediate hostile intent towards us but was just hanging out. It was a nasty piece of work though, and my family has a long history of being plagued by snake-like entities. I find it funny that just reading a summoning might be enough to catch Marduk's attention. It was a nice initial offering on his part."

The thing that caught my attention was that my description of how Marduk was regarding closely matches the field report reported in your blog on Oct 23rd. It's always nice to have outside validation! What also wowed me was that reading the manuscript was enough to connect me to Marduk. Keep up the great work!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Down, Three To Go

"Calling The Sevenths To Induce Equilibrium"

I received a handful of messages from people interested in the work I spoke of in my post earlier today that I prescribed for a client to bring him back into balance, so I figured I'd make it available here. It is one of the rites from the PGM corpus which has been published elsewhere on several occasions, so many of you will recognize it. 

It is originally from PGM 824-834 and is called, as you've likely guessed, Calling The Sevenths To Induce Equilibrium" and it uses the 7 vowels of the Ancient Greek alphabet to open the 7 gates, planets, spheres, etc... and I use it frequently for Balancing and "Inducing Equilibrium", among other things. Its very simple and, I've found, very effective.

 Facing East – Stretch out right and left hands to the left, chant “A” (Alpha.)
Face North – Put forward your right fist, chant “E” (Epsilon)
Face West – Extend both hands forward, chant “Η” (Eta)
Face South – Both hands holding the stomach, chant “I” (Iota)
Face East - Touch the ends of the toes, chant “Ο” (Omicron)
Face East – Right hand on the heart, chant “Υ” (Upsilon.)
Face East – Looking to the sky with hands on the head, chant “Ω” (Omega)

A Busy, Busy Week Magickally. And I Love it!

God how I miss the days when I had nothing to draw my focus away from Magick and the only serious decisions I had to make were what Evocation I would work next, which Talisman I would create and empower, which grand change I would attempt to make in the scheme of things. 

Those days are long gone and I have the world at large to concern myself with once again, including all the minutiae thereof; Bills, work, dating, family obligations, and my guilty pleasure TV shows, The Borgias and Supernatural. This week and the one that will follow it, however, I can flashback to those days. Having taken a handful of vacation days at work and received a matching number of new Magickal projects at the same time, I  am thrilled to be back in my element. 

This week I was hired on to assist a fellow practitioner resolve an issue with what appeared to be a rogue, and quite rude for that matter, spirit which had taken up residence in his Kingdom and has been draining him of energy, inspiring in him anger and frustration and in many other ways just being a PITA. The methodology I found most appropriate was a series of planetary work commencing Tuesday with an Evocation of Mars to shore up defenses and make an initial offensive effort, from which it was made abundantly clear to the client as well as myself that the spirit in question is powerless to do him any harm. Following that, last night was an Evocation of Mercury to bring insights into the nature of the spirit. Tonight will be, in conjunction with my own G4J work, an evocation of Marduk and consecration of a protective talisman I've decided to send him to establish a lasting connection between he and the energies of Jupiter as represented by Marduk. Tomorrow brings a Venutian working to restore peace, tranquility and happiness to his Kingdom, and Saturday I follow up with Kronos to issue a final salvo on his behalf, expanding his area of influence, dispelling all remaining disorder and chaotic elements or remnants. 

I've given him some individual work to do as well, to firmly establish a balance of planetary energies in his own life by opening the gates to each of the spheres as outlined in the PGM, and will continue to do his readings and any "touch up work" until his Kingdom is firmly in order and free of any undesired influences. 

Besides this, I will be consecrating Talismans of Venus, Mars and Saturn for others, each drawn from the Key of Solomon. And my own daily work and offerings. 

Did I mention this was going to be a busy couple of weeks? Oh and I got a couple beautiful gifts today too, one of which is:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet. er, Bookshelf.

So I find myself engaged in the daunting task of cataloging my collection of rare, out of print, limited and current books as well as other items in order to get a full appraisal done for insurance purposes. During the course of this I've come across a bunch I no longer need and which aren't quite collectible, but are still pretty good books. There's probably about a dozen of them, some of which are listed below and the rest will be posted when I get home. 

They're free, and if you're in the US I'll mail them to you via media mail for free too. Leave a comment if you'd like any of them including your email address. (I wont publish the comments) I will update this post when they're taken.

Lon DuQuette - Low Magick, Its All In Your Head - GONE
Nineveh Shadrach - Magic Squares and the Tree of Life - GONE
A.E. Waite - Book of Ceremonial Magic, Paperback Copy - GONE
Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Fallen Angels and The Origin of Evil - GONE
Joseph Karika - Liber 767 vel Boeingus - GONE
Maggie Whitehouse - Total Kabbalah
Phyllis Currot - Witchcrafting 
Alan Richardson - Magicians Tables; A Complete Book of Correspondences- GONE
Brotherhood of Light - Astrology

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Field Report

Just sharing one more field report before I get back to "Business As Usual" tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this with me T. and I hope it continues to work for you!

Dear Michael,

Thought you might be interested in another field report. 

I'll begin by noting that almost as soon as I opened the email containing your note and the book, I felt a definite presence, a kind of tingly electrical sentience.  It was very palpable and pervasive and it lingered throughout the room for  a few minutes.  I found it neither threatening nor overly friendly, I simply felt as though I was being observed.  It was a more benign feeling than that sounds, though.  At the time, I wondered if it was Marduk "checking in" on me, or even if it was a spirit that you had sent for some reason.  I now think that it was more likely that it was Marduk making himself felt.  Perhaps my ordering the book acted as a kind of conjuration?

I had wanted to perform the rite on the day and hour of Jupiter, but this was not possible, so I decided to perform it today, the day of Venus.  I did begin the rite in the hour of Jupiter, thinking that it might help me a bit in establishing contact.  I followed the text closely, using Abramelin incense and two blue 7-day candles on which I had painted Marduk's name in Greek and cuneiform the day before.  I did manage to do that and my other prep work (reading the Enuma Elish, going over the names, &c.) in the hour and day of Jupiter yesterday, so as to make the items as Jovian as I could. 

When I read the names, I definitely felt a presence, pretty much the same kind of feeling I had felt when I got the book.  I felt it most strongly behind me, to the South.   At one point I turned around briefly, but I didn't really see anything.  When the energy was more or less as it's peak, there was a brief but intense moment of total silence - the traffic outside, all the other ambient noise completely disappeared and I felt a kind of suspension of time.  Around this time, I smelled something quite distinctly that was definitely not the incense of Abramelin that was burning or the Jupiter Oil that I had dressed the candles with.  It was a clove type of scent. 

Unfortunately, near the end of the reading of the names, my apartment manager decided to make a bunch of noise and start talking to someone in the hallway right outside my door, accompanied by some kind of loud electronic beeping.  Needless to say, this did little to help the rite.  I tried to tune it out as best I could, but it was difficult to maintain my concentration, especially while I was trying to visualize the moment I had chosen from the Enuma Elish.  I have a very low tolerance for beeping.

After the visualization, I spent some time looking at the image of Marduk I had printed out and tried to integrate the energy that was remaining in the room.  I then delivered a brief and simple thank you and farewell to the god and waited for the energy to dissipate.  After I had collected myself a bit, I made some notes in my journal and broke down my temporary set-up (I have a small studio apartment, so I have to improvise a bit for these rites).  I plan to leave the candles burning when at home until they are used up.

I would say that the rite did make successful contact with Marduk (I'll assume it was him, anyway).  I think I may have had better results if I had performed it on the day and hour of Jupiter and if mundane annoyances had not intruded.  That said, I have yet to see a spirit and the presence I felt was much stronger than in nearly any of my previous attempts at conjuration.  I will be on the look-out for synchronicity and shifts of awareness, especially in anything related to the Jovian current.  I have been a bit preoccupied, unhappy and anxious as of late, due mostly to certain stresses and difficulties with particular people and their triggering memories of unpleasant past events.  It is my hope that my contact with Marduk may help alleviate some of this.  I did not make any specific requests of the god, but I do think that having made his acquaintance will make itself felt in my life in some way soon. 

Let me now take a moment to thank you for making this text available and for your part in my seeking of the Mysteries.

All the best,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Field Report

Just received another field report.

Dear Mike,

Yesterday evening, at the hour of Jupiter y made the Ritual for establishing contact, despite i was all day with the flu and feeling  little tired, i decided to do it. My girlfriend a i prepared a table for the candles and the incense and printed a picture of marduk.

She was a little scared, because she isn´t into magick a i am, we´ve done the Gates of Jupiter rituals described by RO and she liked them, but i don´t know why yesterday she was scared of this ritual...

The ritual was very good, when i said the 50 names i really could feel a presence over the table, it was like if someone was standing there. That presence didn´t scared me or my girlfriend, in fact, i felt comfortable with that... i welcomed him, gave him the offerings and told him that we would like to establish a relationship with him in order to receive his blessings... then i said goodbye, and closed the rite....

The rite was about 15 to 20 minutes, i left the candles burning and the flames were high and beautiful.... i hope my offerings were received and to start a good relationship with Marduk...

after the rite i felt like a boast of energy in my body... the tiredness disappeared !!! ... i felt good !!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Note To Former Customers

Just received an order for Mardukite Magick from someone who'd been part of my Candle Magick experiment and rather than emailing each of you who were part of that and who have ordered Talismans of Jupiter, Mars or Venus I thought I'd say it here where (hopefully) all of you can see it. 

If you've ordered a Talisman or been part of the Project involving Marduk a few months back you DO NOT NEED TO BUY the eBook - Just email me and I'll send you one ... Buying a Talisman gets you these little things like eBook gratis, so dont go buying it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Questions, Questions and Questions

     Over the past few weeks I've received a few dozen questions, here and on facebook, and even more so since the release of Chasing The Dragon and now Mardukite Magick spanning such a wide variety of topics as to include everything from my own religious beliefs to political views. A handful or so have popped up with more frequency, and so I figured I'd post them along with their answers here despite having replied to each of them individually. .

Q." I cant figure out your path, you have written about work with Archangels at EM, and you used the Enchiridion which  is totally Christian, but you also say you're not a Christian and you also encourage work with demons. I remember you said you pray to "your" god every night, are you talking about YHVH or what? I'm not christian myself so I never tried to use books like Enchiridion because they praise Jesus, so help me out, how is it possible? And are you like a Satanist or what?"

A. I do work with Archangels and I do work with "demons". I'm NOT a Christian, I do not believe "Jesus" was a god and I do not pray to him. I am, however, a follower of the historical Yeshua, who was Man, Master and Magus but not God. The God to whom I pray and from whom I have drawn immeasurable blessings is variously referred to as "The Man of Light", "The Good" or simply "The Father", and is the God who was known to Yeshua, and of whom spoke Poimandres. The one who is before the first beginning, of whom all of nature has become an image and who the inferior hath not formed. Not the god of the old testament, the one of The Gospel of Thomas or Baruch. The Source of all, who the Gods and Goddesses are descended from. Working with the "demons" does not in any way contradict my faith in Him because they are not in opposition to him. The "fallen" angels, the "demons", those who rebelled oppose the god of the old testament who thought to enslave all and falsely decreed that he was the one and only god when in fact he was but a product of Sophia and one of many. 

Q. "What do you think of the Enochian System? Do you use it at all? Ever thought of mixing it in with your Goetic invocations when you summon the Goetics?".

A. Enochian is a very powerful system when used properly. I know someone who is adept in its use and who does things that are mind blowing. I, however, have very little knowledge of it and have used it only sporadically (Ex. in my GD time during the Watchtower Ceremony and SBRP which dont quite qualify as using the Enochian system, just borrowing words from it) I'd love to delve into it at some point, but right now I have no where near the time that it would take to begin to understand such a complex system, and while I'm all for logical syncretizing, throwing in Enochian language with my Grimoiric Conjurations isnt something I'm likely to toy with. 

Q. You seem to have contempt for Golden Dawn Magic, why is that?

A. While I've never been initiated into any inner order or been in the tomb of Rosenkreutz I did spend a couple years devoted to learning the system, and before that working through Modern Magic by DMK. I cant say GD isnt a valid Magickal school or that they dont, well, practice Magick, because I havent been on the inside of a temple to find out what goes on there. I can however say that my original teacher WAS an inner order initiate and I have a good friend who currently IS 6= and both of them admit that they do far less "Magick" than most people you'd talk to here in the online community who arent affiliated. (They admit this grudgingly, but admit it nonetheless). I'm not into pageantry and theatrics, holding elaborate costumed initiations and grade ceremonies or quasi masonic pomp and ceremony, I dont want to spend a year learning the hebrew alphabet or paths and tarot associations, I want to dig in and do Magick, and I've done very well at it without using a LBRP or Qaballistic Cross in the last decade or so, and the dozen or so students Ive had and have now, one of whom quit GD after reaching Exempt Adept have better results with my methods than anything else. For some the GD is a lifesaver and the greatest thing they ever do, and I commend them for that. Its just not for me. If I was going to be a part of an order I'd prefer Sangreal Sodality, Astrum Sophia or OAE. 

 Q. "Hey on The Lions Den you mention students, Do you accept new students or offer lessons?"

A. No.  The students I speak of are offline and close enough to make face to face lessons feasible. Currently there are 5 of them and the farthest one from me is about 60 miles away, but makes the trip down here for one weekend a month. I do think making courses and curriculum available to prospective students online is a great idea and immensely valuable thing, I just dont have the time to create a lesson plan or materials. I DO however respond to ALL emails and questions here on facebook, and am always available to provide any advice or guidance you may need.  If you are looking for a teacher who will take you where you need to be and give you a first rate education see RO's Red Work Courses and Jason's Strategic Sorcery .

Q. "Damn I missed out on the Jupiter Talismans can you let me know if you ever get more? Of if you can do one for me of Venus for attracting love?"
A. Jupiter Talismans can be created at any time as Botanica Santa Barbara right nearby has made them readily available to me. They can be consecrated using methods from Crossed Keys OR through Evocation of Marduk. They are available on my website here if you want the same style as shown in the link above, or you can email me for other types/ styles or ones cast in different metals. I DO also create Talismans for Venus, Sol, Mercury and Mars.  I also consecrate Statues of the Egyptian Gods for Altar using ACTUAL Nile water and Sand from Giza.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If The World Ends On Friday....

     Once again we're told that the end is nigh; This time but a few days away. While I won't dignify this blatant fuckery with discussion, instead silently hoping that come Saturday morning he has the decency to, well, die, this subject in conjunction with a now widely known speech by the late Steve J. wherein he says "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" has me thinking. 

     Adding further fuel to the fire and greasing those little wheels within my head which have begun turning incessantly is that the universe seems adamant about me giving this some thought as it have twice today provoked me in that direction. Turning on the car today the song that immediately filled my ears was "If you had 24 hours to live:, and arriving at work today I discover a new poster of Steve J. with the aforementioned quote.

    For me though, the question I'm mulling over in my head and which I'm going to explore here is different, you know, since I'm not a raging asshat who thinks I can predict the end even though I've made a total dick of myself on several prior occasions. MY question therefore is. "If my next Magickal work were to be my last; If I knew beyond any doubt and with absolute certainty that following my next rite, be it an Evocation, a Conjuration, Consecration of a Talisman or whatever else, it was going to be the last, what would I want to do? "

     Its a tough one. Would I want to Evoke and spend my last magickal moments with my patrons, who have been as loved and revered family to me, or would I want to use my last ounce of juju to attract fortune and success. Or, in keeping with my own nature and disposition would I want to throw caution to the wind and do something huge, such as the full evocation of the biggest, baddest and most primeval sumbitch I could manage to dig up in my research. 

     Oh sure I could go all mother theresa and shoot for a goal of a globally benevolent nature, such as inspiring peace and kindness in the hearts of world leaders, but really, how often does our Magick work on that level? Its not out of the question, and if I knew my next work were to be my last I would devote every fiber of my being to it and it would therefore have a huge power boost, but nonetheless, that's a pretty big order to fill, and wouldn't you rather not gamble your last dollar on a long shot? 

     This in mind, I think what I'm going to do is take this week to decide just what I would do under those circumstances, and then begin planning to make it a reality. Not as my last work, but as a work to remember. Then I'll start planning whichever I chose as runner up. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Field Report

This will be a brief post as I'm writing on my droid and have not yet mastered the art of touchscreen typing. (Fat fingers and small keys are not the most compatible combination) Besides that, I'm at a restaurant awaiting my amaretto sour and rib eye and  at the moment I'm being given a remarkably dirty look by my date. Nonetheless, I'm extremely pleased with a field report I just received and wanted to share it immediately. Below is the portion that has me excited enough to risk the wrath of an angry lady dinner companion.

     "Dear Mike, I am happier than I've ever been right now and I had to write and thank you! First letme tell you honestly because you need to know. I have been practicing magic for 6 years and lately Ive been having doubts because despite my effort I never was able to contact spirits and could never communicate with them. I went through modern magic and then bardon but never succeeded in invocation or evocation, until now. I used the introduction and calling to Marduk from Mardukite Magick of yours yesterday and for the first time ever I succeeded! Marduk appeared beautifully and in regalia like a warrior with a lightning bolt in his hand and he spoke very clearly to me as if he were right there in the flesh!! This is a super super thing and I am in tears! ........"

I've omitted the remainder as he here gets rather personal and inclusion of the rest of the story wouldnt add anything more.


OK Back to my date

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Now Available - A Mardukite Magick eBook

     Based on the responses I've received to my earlier blog post about the pros and cons of releasing works in eBook format vs hardcover/ paperback, as well as the discussions taking place on Facebook and other forums, I've decided to float a test balloon and release a brief work which I've spent a lot of time developing as an eBook, similar to those RO offers.

     The work in question is a brief one on the Magick of Marduk which was originally going to be released in a 15 page chapbook/ pamphlet form. Having received a great deal of interest via comments here and emails after my brief blog post on working with Marduk, I decided to offer a much more comprehensive tutorial wherein I take you through making initial contact with the God, introduction, offering, petitioning his aid and establishing a long term relationship with him as I've begun doing myself over the last half year or so. 

     This brief work contains 5 complete rituals of which you can readily make use, an opening rite, an invocation, an introduction to the God, a petition to the God for his aid, and a method of offering to him. Also included are the true 50 Names of Marduk taken directly from the source, which ARE quite different from those you find in the Necronomicon along with detailed info on the virtues, powers and specialties of each name and a means to petition whichever suits your need at the time. In addition I've provided the Hyms and Incantations in the original Sumerian for those ambitious enough to attempt them in their original tongue.

     The Conjurations, Hymns and Invocation are NOT those you will find in the Necronomicon or any other modern work - I have pulled directly from Enuma Elish, An:Anum, The Cuneiform Tablets and other original sources and everything presented here has been and is still used by myself, every Thursday.

     Everyone who orders this eBook will be invited to participate in a Group Ritual dedicated to Marduk on Thursday November 17th. On that day, in the hour of Jupiter, all who wish to participate will perform a group conjuration of the God in his name GUGAL - Lord of Abundence and Opulence.

     In order to make it available to anyone with any interest in working with Marduk, the price is only $10 payable via paypal. Delivery will be via email.  Paypal address is mikececc(at) If you'd like the eBook delivered to an email address other than your paypal address, just note it in the comments section of the payment page and I'll send it there instead.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Picking A Path

Yesterday Jason posted with regard to the fact that his Magickal Practice is eclectic and diverse as opposed to that of others who are able to say that they've chosen a single path which provides all that they need. RO followed up explaining the ways in which his own journey hasn't been as singular as one might have thought and includes as variant work as Taoism and even Chaos Magic (that one was a surprise to me)

Jason's post got me thinking on my own path and how it has changed and evolved over the years. When describing my own style of work I invariably refer to myself as a Grimoiric Magus, which most tend to interpret as one who practices strictly from the "Classical" Grimoires. Thats partially correct, and for a handful of years working with the most well know Grimoires (Lemegeton, Red Dragon, The Key of Solomon, Verum, The Arbatel, etc...) did constitute the whole of my work. Oh I certainly didnt stick to the script so to speak, as shown in CK and Chasing The Dragon I kept the formulas intact but modified the structure as necessary and thought outside the box, finding new ways to work with the Spirits identified in the Grimoires. But the dozen or so classic Grimoires were about all I needed (I thought) and I rarely looked outside that comfort zone.

Now, however, I've evolved considerably. I do still consider myself A Grimoiric Magus, as the thrust of my work is, in keeping with the Grimoire Tradition, Evocational and Spirit Work. (Yes the Grimoires do prescribe other techniques and methods such as Talismanic Magick, but by far the focus is on Evocation and communication) But now my work is drawn from the Grimoires AND such diverse sources as Enuma Elish and Starr's Conjure, and I'm happier and more successful than ever. 

As I've admitted before, when I first set out on a Magickal path, or more accurately said, when I realized my path in life WAS a Magickal one, I began with a Golden Dawn/ Inner Order Adept who was my teacher. He took me through the knowledge lectures, the curriculum, the LBRP/BRH/ Rose Cross Ritual, Don Kraigs Modern Magic,  the whole 9. I learned the Hebrew alphabet, the paths and correspondences, drawing the tree of life, everything he gave me I absorbed. But through it all, despite my earnest sincerity and desire, I always felt it was more theatrics than magicks. Daily LBRP's, Middle Pillars, Watchtower Ceremonies, etc... Sure I felt pretty cool afterwards, but then I'd always find myself thinking, "Great, but what did I actually DO?" Ok, I cleared my temple of Astral Nasties, I Pore Breathed Fire until my eyes felt like they were boiling, I invoked and banished the poor little salamanders and gnomes via pentagram rites with such rapidity that they surely though I was bi-polar, inviting them then kicking them the hell out so frequently, but at the end of all this daily work, what really had I done? How was my life any different than it had been beforehand?Sure as hell wasnt making any tangible improvements in my finances or station in life, so what exactly was I accomplishing? 

I asked my teacher that question so frequently that finally I elicited an exasperated "Mike, GD isnt about gettin rich or improving your life in temporal ways, its about fucking spiritual development and enlightenment, its about learning how the fucking universe works and our place in it and its a fucking brotherhood like the masons, if thats what you want then youre in the right place. If you want to conjure up wealth and power and talk to demons go get the fucking Goetia!" 

So later than night when I was reading the Goetia I'd just purchased (Mathers/ Crowley Edition BTW) I was immediately fascinated. Reading of Bune, I remember thinking "See?! THIS is the shit I'm looking for!" And while my reasoning over the last decade and a half has changed, every time I crack open a new Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic release, a new Joe Peterson Edition or another such work, I still think "THIS is the shit I'm looking for." 

Except that now I'm learning, courtesy of Strategic Sorcery, Conjureman Ali, RO among other sources, ways to incorporate traditions and methods as diverse as my background into my Grimoiric work giving it a power boost akin to throwing a NOS tank in a performance car. Now when I work from Cyprian's Clavis Inferni I can make offerings TO Cyprian courtesy of Conjureman's recent blog post. When I intone the God Name IAO I can use the corresponding Mudras thanks to Jason Miller, and I can use Grimoiric Evocation to say hello to my departed dog thanks to RO. 

I guess, then, that my point in this typically long winded article is that while Grimoiric Magick may have been everything I needed, my new style provides additionally everything I want.

Gotta Love Divine Subtlety

Received a new tarot deck I'd ordered a couple days back, sat down at my desk, cracked open the box and gave the deck a good shuffle before a three card spread and pulled

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Work On The Magick Of Saint Cyprian

Just placed an order for Conjureman Ali's new Guide To The Underworld, Saint Cyprian - Saint of Necromancers. Since his recent blog entry where he provided an example of his work with Cyprian that I love, I've been hoping he'd offer up further insight into the subject of Cyprian as the emeritus patron of Magicians and even more so his own methods of working with him. 

Although it is altogether unlikely that anyone reading this post is unfamiliar with Conjureman or his blog, here's the link.

Get his work on Saint Cyprian from the good folks at Hadean

A Brief Review Of Palo Mayombe; The Garden Of Blood And Bones

As mentioned in an earlier post, this past weekend I received my copies of both Palo Mayombe and Pomba Gira by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold. I havent yet begun Pomba gira, simply because Palo Mayombe has had me engrossed and will require at least a couple more read throughs to begin to grasp, and so it is Palo Mayombe alone that I will speak of in this post.

Although I am usually skeptical about books touching on the subject of Palo, since it is a highly guarded tradition and one previously spoken on only in exalted circles of those lucky enough to be initiates, I has quite hopeful that this book would be something special simply because Nicholaj is an author with whom I am familiar and I know first hand that Scarlet Imprint releases only the best of the best. 

I am quite happy to say then that the faith I had put in both Nicholaj and Scarlet Imprint to produce a worthwhile tome on this most elusive of traditions has proven to be well justified, and Palo Mayombe; The Garden of Blood and Bones is most certainly going to be one I read over and over again as years go by. 

My introduction to Nicholaj's writings came via Kiumbanda, A Complete Grammar of the Art of Exu, which I picked up immediately after its release and which is also a volume I can highly recommend, and everything he has written that I've read since then has proven equally valuable.

Palo Mayombe has, although wholly alien to me, always been a fascination of mine simply because despite being in the company of Santeros since I was 15, I had never met anyone who would admit to any knowledge of Palo. In fact anytime it came up, it would inevitably bring with it a sense of fear among those present. While may field of study and practice has always been Grimoiric (with the exception of a couple short years in the tutelage of a GD initiate in the very beginning), I have always been in the company of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Domincans, Columbians, Venezuelans, and every other Spanish speaking peoples due to my affiliation in a certain, eh, fraternal organization which consists of 23,000 members across the US, 94% of whom are one of the above. So whether it was visiting one of my brother's homes and meeting their parent's who are Santeros, or consulting one who at the time owned the only botanica in the city, Santeria and related traditions have always been within arms reach to me - and yet I never found anyone willing to speak of Palo or who didnt shiver when hearing it mentioned. 

For that reason I am extremely grateful to Nicholaj for finally bringing it the widespread attention it deserves and allowing me to break down the long held assumptions instilled in me by the aforementioned shudders of terror among Santeros that it is a horrifying anomaly among traditions. 

Speaking from an author's perspective, I love the way that Nicholaj takes a very complex topic and explains it in a way that makes it easily understandable to even those with no prior knowledge of the subject. It is a testament to his teaching ability that someone can pick up this book, having never before heard of Palo, and upon finishing it have an excellent, lucid and clear understanding of all that was presented therein.

In summation, this is a work for which we can all be grateful. Not only is it an insider's perspective into the most secretive and elusive of Magickal traditions, but it is as masterfully written as if inspired by the spirits themselves.

OH and lest I forget, it is a truly fucking beautiful book externally as well!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Magical Treatise of Solomon

Having just moments ago placed my order with the good folks at Golden Hoard for the leather, deluxe edition of the just published Magical Treatise of Solomon, I wanted to take a minute to discuss this invaluable work. 

While this edition represents the first widely available English language translation, this is not a work I am unfamiliar with. A while back I was introduced to MToS by a friend out in Singapore and since then Ive been fortunate enough to come across both the a digital reproduction of the Greek original and a Spanish translation thereof by Pablo Torijano for the world of academia. Owing to my own impetuous nature, I sought to practice from this Grimoire despite much of the Greek being illegible, and Torijano's Spanish being incomplete. 

The section I used was a "Prayer to Helios", in conjunction with a Solar Invocation.

King of those who rule and Lord of those who are lords, the origin
that is prior to the beginnings, ever-flowing power, inconceivable
light, boundless light, the only provider of wealth, the dispenser of
the mercy, observe us through your grace and kindness so that we
may be able to subdue Helios, the planet now present and to hold
fast his force. I adjure you, untouched, unextinguishable, splendour
of the day, Helios, by your temporal cycle, by your four seasons,
and by your course, by your rays, by your wings, by your powers
and by these your names: Glibiöd, Antikon, Lithetioud, Touldörag,
Êmnôan; by these names I adjure you; do not disobey me, but
through your grace, assist me in this service.
I am quite fond of this Grimoire, and have made use of not only the  Prayer Of Helios, but also Ares and Aphrodite, and while it has been some time since I worked with MToS, I recall clearly the beauty and simplicity of its methods, and am extremely happy that a definitive edition is now available in English. 

This week, in addition to my Jupiterian work with Marduk, I will be taking some time during an earlier hour to offer to Zeus using this Grimoire's prayer to him.