Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Books

     Having finally made my way through a second set of shelves, here is another handful of books. Most free, a couple for sale.  I'll also update the list to include those remaining from my previous post. Contact me here


  • Bob Brier - Ancient Egyptian Magic
  • De Laurence - 6th & 7th Books of Moses, HC (Rare book, but the binding is quite loose and some pages have markings)
  • Momma Star - Old Style Conjure
  • Kieckhefer - Magic in The Middle Ages

For Sale:

  • Magickal Childe - Goetia, HC w/ Gold Embossing. VG condition, small white mark on front cover $50
  • IGOS & Moloch - Pragmatic Magics, Spiral Bound, Good Condition - $25
  • Heptangle - Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, VG w/ DJ $40
  • Waite - Book of Ceremonial Magick, HC, Bell Press 1970's Edition, VG w/ OK Dust Cover $20

Friday, September 28, 2012

Here We Go Again...

Over at Dionysian Atavism Jack Faust has opened up a can of worms. Long time readers of this blog will already be well acquainted with my feelings on the subjects of piracy, and by extension my belief that while it is wrong, a good portion of the blame for it lies with the authors and publishers who have taken to releasing "trash for cash".

Donald Kraig, of Modern Magick fame, posted a rebuttal over at the Llewellyn Magick Unbound blog which is articulate, lucid, and, in my opinion, quite wrong.If you haven't yet read it, you should do so now, along with the comments section as you'll need to in order to understand the remainder of this posting.

My comment, which has yet to be moderated and appear on the blog but belongs after comment #6, is as follows:

As I expressed on comment section of the blog in question, I wholly agree with the author of that post. I do not “encourage’ piracy of books, but I do understand completely why many people participate and I do not condemn them for it. Let’s call a spade a spade here; many publishers these days release absolute tripe – Gonz├ílez-Wippler’s books being a shining example.

Addressing first your suggestion that they buy and then return such books, while Llewellyn, Amazon and some others do happily accept returns, the fact is that for many of the “independent occult publishers” do not. Further, those that do accept returns require that you pay to ship the book back to them, and as many of them are located in the EU, UK or otherwise internationally, the cost of posting a book back to them renders the refund moot and the whole thing an exercise in futility.
You argue that while the blogger finds many of the books released today useless, they may not be so to others. In this you’re incorrect. They’re useless to everyone. You refer to Miss Gonz├ílez-Wippler as an expert in Santeria. Apparently she is also an expert in Wicca, Paganism, Christian Mysticism, Qabalah, Grimoires, Palo, Dream Interpretation, Christian Qabalah, Amulets and Talismans, What Happens After Death, Angelology, and Seashell Divination because Llewellyn has published her books on each and every of these subjects, as well as several others. They all share a common theme – tripe.
Publishers who release such material, alongside Schueler’s Enochian material which, lets be honest, is even worse, are going to have their releases questioned by the market they target, and justifiably so. If someone would rather download an illegal version of a book released by that publisher than spend the $10 or $20 only to find out that what they’ve purchased a bookend, I can’t blame them.
As Jack said in his original post – Llewellyn DOES has several authors who are genuinely good teachers and authors, and who write an excellent book. However when their work is next to a dozen Silver Ravenwolf titles, Migene’s “expert” treatises on every aspect of occultism under the sun and Schuelers’ Un-nochian material, the buyers have a very good reason to be suspicious.

Let's be clear here. There are some publishers who can be counted on to release only valid, well researched material which will benefit the reader - Among them Scarlet Imprint, Nephilim, Teitan and Hadean. And then there are some on the other end of the spectrum. Those who do occasionally release valuable material, but which, as Jack Faust suggests, represents a needle in a haystack amongst all of the other tripe they sell the masses. While we would love to think the latter sort is limited to the Llewellyns and Finbarrs of the world, there are even some amongst the independent occult publishers' community who have released utter tripe. No need to name names, and while few are willing to criticize the works of others you, dear reader, know as well as I the disappointment of ordering a much hyped, masterfully marketed, limited edition of 39, finely bound paperweight which contains all the wisdom of a fortune cookie.

While I do hate that piracy hurts publishers like the aforementioned SI, Teitan, Nephilim and Hadean, who genuinely care and put actual love into and take pride in their work, I also concede that the "pirates" who simply don't want to continue getting swindled by the less reputable publishers are justified in this.

This doesn't apply to those who just want to be dicks and download everything under the sun, or who have the money and just dont care to spend it. They, unlike the serious student who just can't afford to spend $100 on a paperweight, are just plain dicks.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Speaking Of Books...

     Once again, my collection of books has grown larger than my home will allow for. As you can see, one of my bookshelves is, quite literally, buckling under the weight, and has begun leaning to the side, much as I myself do after a few amaretto sours. 

     With several more that I've ordered on their way to me, the time has come to part with some of those that I have multiple copies of and others which I no longer need. Rather than put them on amazon or another such venue, I figured I'd offer them here, some free and some at a significantly lower price than the "going rate". Those that are on the free list I will ship via the USPS media mail, also for free, within the US. Anyone outside the US is certainly welcome to them as well, but the cost to ship them will likely exceed the value of the books. The books for sale include US shipping by priority mail. 

     If you're interested in any of these, email me or use the contact form on this page

     More will be added as I get through my second shelf, so stay tuned throughout the week. 

Titles For Sale:
Heptangle - 4th Book of Agrippa, HC with Dust Jacket in protective mylar, VG Condition - $50
De Laurence - Goetia, The Book of Evil Spirits, HC w/ gold gilt cover. Cover a bit faded - $50
IGOS & Moloch - Pragmatic Magics, Spiral Bound, Good Condition $50
IGOS & Robert Blachard - Gargoyle Magick, Spiral Bound - VG Condition $50
Waite - Book of Ceremonial Magick, HC, Bell Press 1970's Edition, VG w/ OK Dust Cover $25
Heptangle - Chaldean Oracles, VG with Good DJ in Protective Mylar - $30


Free Titles
Moloch - Pragmatic Magics, Lulu PB Edition
Robert Turner - John Dee, Elizabethan Magus
Lon DuQuette - Aleister Crowley, Revolt of the Magicians
DiBiase - Divine Arcana of Aurum Solis
Maggie Whitehouse - Total Kabballah
IGOS/ BOTNL - Drum and Candle, HC Former Library w/ Stickers, Stamps, etc...
Llewellyn - Secret Teachings of The Temple of Isis

More will be added later this evening and tomorrow

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Must-Have Book - Occult Traditions, Damon Zacharias Lycourinos, Editor

     Rarely do I take the time to review a new book these days, simply because with the three new projects that have been left on my plate and the influx of new clients my company has taken on, i have very little time to do much else but work, and what time I do have outside of the office I prefer to spend practicing magick as opposed to writing about it. 

     However once in a while a book comes along with which I am so impressed that I feel compelled to recommend it, and this is one such occasion. 

     A couple weeks back someone mentioned this book to me, and I am glad they did. I hadn't seen any promotional material or hype about it in the blogosphere or the usual fora, so when they brought it up it was the first time I'd heard of it. The book of which I speak is "Occult Traditions", an anthology edited by one Damon Zacharias Lycourinos, and published by Numen Books. Before proceeding, let me make it clear that until the end of August, when this conversation took place, not only was this title unknown to me, but so were the editor and publisher, and I have never held any communication at all with either, so this recommendation can be taken as truly objective. 

     Aside from Damon's contributions, which offer great insight into areas of the PGM with which I am heavily involved, David Rankine also provides a valuable contribution in the form of a sort of history of the Grimoire tradition and the works thereof, tying the earliest examples of these books to the more recent derivatives and offshoots, explaining which bears resemblance to another, which borrows from an earlier MS, and which can truly be viewed as the Proto-Grimoires. 

     The volume offers many other excellent and illuminating papers contributed by a wide variety of scholars, practitioners and those in between, and should be a must-have for anyone with interest in the field. 


Last Batch Of Talismans Shipping Tomorrow

     Quick note to inform all the buyers of the Talismans offered in the past couple of weeks; The final batch is shipping tomorrow. Due to the length of time involved in international shipping, I tried to process all of the overseas orders first, then the domestic ones in order of purchase. Tomorrow the final 6 go out, as I will be  finalizing the consecrations this evening. 

     In my original post I indicated that a set of ritual instructions would come with the Talismans, and that remains the case; However, inspired by a wiser man, I've decided to make them available to all who ordered these Talismans via download, and to encourage all to participate in the ritual outlined on the same day and on the same (3rd) planetary hour, in the interest of mutually tapping the current and touching the Deities unto whom it is consecrated. I am at present working out the most advantageous astrological time, and will then contact each of you via email to invite your participation. 

     There remains 3 of these available due to a cancelled order, so if anyone has interest, the purchase buttons are below.

    Update - Make that 2 remaining

Shipping in US - $50

International Shipping - $60