Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chasing The Dragon and Hadean Guides To The Underworld - Kindle/ Epub Available


For anyone who has missed out on any of Hadean Press' Guides to The Underworld series, or who hasn't ordered due to the cost of international shipping, or has been living under a rock and doesn't know how valuable the material contained in these little gems is, Hadean has now made almost all of their Guides available in Kindle & Epub formats. You'll find more nitty gritty praxis in some of these booklets than in most of the current full length volumes on the market. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Minor Updates, Thanks, Hate Mail and Abrasax

     Let me start by apologizing for the brief absence from the blogosphere, and for the delay in my release of the Rite of Consecration for the Abrasax Talismans. In the last month I've been truly overtaken by events, and have spent more time on a plane in the last 30 days than in all the years leading up to it. 

     As many of you know, Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the tri-state area, and while my city was expected to be in the eye of the storm and take the brunt of it, it passed us by with little more than a pleasant breeze that I enjoyed in a hammock on my deck. While my area was wholly unaffected, the company for which I work has offices in many of the affected states, and my brotherhood is largely concentrated to NY, NJ and PA, so between work and personal reasons, I've been on the go since Sandy decided to slap us around like an insolent stepchild. 

     Aside from that, I was also made to undertake a full week of fasting, disconnection from the world at large and all of the digital amenities thereof as part of my own practice. 

     All the distractions aside, I have managed to get out all orders, both for books and talismans, and find myself now with a clean plate, so to speak, and some time to get back to reading, blogging and a bit of recreation. 

     In the weeks that have passed since the release of the book of Abrasax I have received a ton of positive feedback, and while I haven't yet been able to respond to all of you individually, I will do so in short order. I am thankful for the reception this work has received, and the fact that it will likely sell out much, much sooner than I'd ever expected amazes me. 

     I did, however, receive one communique, from which the "hate mail" portion of the title of this post stems. It appears The Book of Abrasax has pissed off an "Order" of Gnostic Magi, who claim to be in "a line of succession from the original Gnostic Adepts" feel that The Triune Baptism & Self Initiation as well as a couple of other portions I developed based on Codex Brucianus should not have been shared publicly, but only alluded to, or at the very least veiled with several blinds so that only those who devote sufficient time to decipher them would have access. Ironically enough, although they are well acquainted with the corpus from which my rites are drawn, they had never thought of using the initiation ceremony despite its prevalence and immediate value, which led me to reply, "If I had veiled the information or obfuscated it with blinds so that only the most discerning could make use of it, how in the hell would YOU have ever have understood it?"