Thursday, December 13, 2012

Remember When I Said "When The Spirits Talk, Listen!"?

Friends, if ever there comes a time when, on a Thursday, a few short hours after you've performed a weekly adoration to Jupiter and a few recitations of the Orphic Hymn to Zeus, you have a business meeting in a hotel casino, have your Jupiter Talisman around your neck as always, and upon leaving the bar you spot a slot machine named Zeus, well, take a hint and spin that fucking wheel for all its worth

Monday, December 10, 2012

Yet Another Batch Of Books, Some Free, Some Not

     Owing to a large acquisition of over a hundred books I've just made, I find myself once again in need of more shelf space than I have. So, here is yet another list of books being released back into the wild in hopes that they can be of use to someone. Same deal as before, if you want one, use the contact link over to the left. First is the list of those being offered for sale, and after that the freebies. 

  • Heptangle - Sefer Yetzirah, HC w/ DJ - $30
  • I.G.O.S.  - Red Dragon, Spiral Bound, Great Condition - $100
  • Crossed Keys, Good Catholic HC Edition - (I'll sign it if you want) -  $100
  • Magickal Childe/ Crowley - Goetia, Black HC w/ Gold Lettering - $50
  • Crowley/ Starr - AMRITA, HC, Very Good Cond - $140
  • Gerald Schueler LOT, Includes Enochian Yoga, Enochian Physics, Advanced Guide to Enochian Magic, Enochian Magic Practical Manual, and Enochian Workbook 43 Lessons - $40
Freebies -
  • Mathers Key of Solomon, Paperback, Good Cond. 
  • DuQuette/ Crowley - Illustrated Goetia, PB
  • Blavatsky - Isis Unveiled, 2 Vol Set, PB
  • Carroll - Liber Null & Psychonaut, PB
  • Mathers' Book of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin, PB
  • DMK - Modern Magick, PB
  • Nowicki - Ritual Magic Workbook
  • Crowley - Book of Thoth, PB
  • Crowley - Diary of a Drug Fiend, PB
  • Crowley - Book 4, PB
  • Zalewski - Golden Dawn Enochian Magic, PB
  • Zalewski - Enochian Chess of The Golden Dawn
More to come as I continue weeding through the vast abyss that is my storage room! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Rite Of Consecration For The Abrasax Talismans

     To all readers who have ordered the Talismans previously offered, to whom I owe this ritual, here it is. I do apologize to one and all who patiently awaited this rite. Those who did not order these Talismans are certainly welcome to download it as well, and make use of it in creation of your own. 

     This PDF also offers a look inside The Book of Abrasax, from which is is taken. Feel free to contact me with any questions or for further guidance on the employment and deployment of this work and the associated Talisman. 

     I will be posting further updates, either tonight or tomorrow, wherein I introduce a new service I am excited to offer, as well as details of forthcoming projects.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Book of Abrasax - The Reviews

     Since my last post there have been several excellent reviews done for my recent release, The Book of Abrasax. In addition, I have received a plethora of feedback and questions from readers who have begun working with it. I have decided to organize all such reviews in this post, which I will keep up to date and place a link to on the blog's main page.