Thursday, June 25, 2015

Apprenticeship Course Reborn

     Some time ago I began accepting students for participation in a beta test version of an apprenticeship program and magickal education course that I had been planning for many years. After several bumps in the road and a brief "pause" to reorganize, I have reopened this program on a new, more efficient and available platform. 

     Taking a cue from MIT and innumerable other respectable institutions of higher learning, I have turned to the cloud to make the textual portion of the course available in an e-Learning format. Lessons 1-360 will be available here, released weekly. As new students join they will have access to the portal immediately. 

     The course, however, will not be limited to textual lessons found here. We will have webinars also hosted on this portal, group and individual chat sessions, group rituals and, for those able to attend, day long in person seminars with group rituals in Tampa and Philadelphia.

     I am excited about this launch, and invite any questions or inquiries via email, using the link above at left, or by leaving your email address in the comments section to this post and I will email you. (Comments are private and seen only by me unless I publish them, so no, your email address won't be seen by spam bots)

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